How It's Made

It all began with an idea: 'what if we could wear art?' 

What if we could wear something that is as unique and exciting as we are? What if… we turned art into clothing?

For the implementation of the idea, things were straight forward: we knew that we’d have to create something unique, in all stages of the process. 

PART 1: And so, we started with the most important part: The art. Our Original Paintings are curated with the highest standards, specifically made to transport the viewer to a place of peace within themselves that can serve as a daily reminder when they gaze upon them.

PART 2: The painting is digitally imprinted on an accessory. Our accessories are made of 100% Greek organic silk, to make sure that they are going to feel as good as they look.

PART 3: Every season we paint and curate 4 exclusive paintings that are turned into clothing. But we don’t stop there. The new designs that are coming soon are going to up the ante with marvelous fresh products and bespoke services for our most trusted clients... so stay tuned.

sissy michalopoulou
head designer