Our Story

Welcome to Oribu Arts, a fashion house unlike any other.

We are the epitome of creativity, where Art and Fashion collide to create a world of wearable elegance.


Part I: Uniqueness

Our mission is to craft one-of-a-kind designs that elevate style and celebrate the beauty of Art. No longer will paintings be confined to the walls, with Oribu Arts, you can wear them proudly.


Part II: Innovation

Established in 2020 by two innovative minds, Sissy Mihalopoulou and Nicholas Sidirofagis, Oribu Arts is dedicated to bringing Art to the forefront of Fashion.

Sissy, our Head Designer and CEO, brings her expertise in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Interior Design from her studies in Milan. She has honed her skills in Venetian and Florentine aging art techniques, and her works have been showcased in renowned galleries and museums in Athens and Milan.

Nicholas, our CEO and co-founder of the flagship company, leads Oribu Arts’ business development and strategic innovation.

Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the brand, making Oribu Arts the go-to destination for fashion lovers and art enthusiasts alike.


Part III: Excellence

Our focus is on high fashion silk accessories, from Silk Scarves to Silk Kaftans, Silk Pochettes to Silk Ties, every item is crafted from the finest Greek organic silk from Soufli, Greece. Each season, we present new, exclusive paintings transformed into clothing, offering fresh, new designs for our loyal customers. Stay tuned for what's to come from Oribu Arts, the company that turned "Art into Clothing."

sissy michalopoulou
head designer